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Posted on February 11, 2011 by Frank Afshari 8 Comments

As an Egret owner, you aren’t just an ordinary boater…you’re passionate, even a little fanatical, about your Egret. You’re part of an exclusive group. Whether it’s an Egret 167 flats boat or one of our offshore models, like the Egret 290, you know the Egret difference and you won’t accept anything less. We also know that each of you has your own unique Egret story to tell. A fishing trip? A tournament? A day out with the family? An evening cruise with your better half?

The new Egret Boats page on Facebook is your place to share your favorite Egret stories and pictures with the world.  and upload any pictures you have, too. It’s also the perfect place to meet other members of Team Egret and talk about the best flats boats on the water. So get out your pictures and share with the world why you love your Egret!

Team Egret on Facebook


  1. capt charlie fornabio
    13 years ago

    best boat ever made

  2. Tony Domenech
    12 years ago

    Best boat I’ve ever owned. By far. Blue 2001 16/7.

  3. Capt. Bill Rossi
    11 years ago

    Fantastic Boat!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone who boards her and spends the day fishing with me can’t believe the way she rides,handles, and fishes.They absolutely don’t believe it’s a 16′ boat.
    I mainly fish Boca Grande, Pine Island, and Charlotte Harbor in SW gets a little snotty at times and the bird just takes it in stride. keep doing what you guys do best,building Egrets

    Capt Bill Rossi
    Punta Gorda Fla

  4. Dr. Ray Waldner
    11 years ago

    I own a 1997 16’7″ c/K (consumer hull #1), and it’s as solid today as the day it left the factory. Without question, Egret produces the most versatile skiff on the market – I’ve poled for bonefish during a morning trip and run offshore for king mackerel and dolphin in the afternoon. I can’t imagine owning another brand – I’ve been spoiled!

  5. Mike Nurenberg
    10 years ago


    I just became a member of the Egret Family purchasing a 2007 167 sporting a 115ph Evinrude Etec. I boat and fish in Estero Bay and Charlotte Harbor and can’t wait to see this new bird in action. She is in mint condition and ready to fish. Two years of looking, the patience has paid off. Any suggestions for additions and/or upgrades I should consider?

    Hope to see you on the water!


  6. Dan Casey
    10 years ago

    Have a 18’9″ and have had it for over 10 years, this boat is still awesome ! I only want the best, buy it once and use it for years. My Egret fills the bill perfectly. My offshore boat is a 39′ sea Vee z with trip 350 yamahas. These two boats will be with me forever !

  7. Robert Davis
    9 years ago

    Stuffed the bow one day and filled cockpit with water and she never slowed down. Compartments stayed bone dry. Wouldn’t want to be in that situation with any other boat. Awesome boat. Egret 189/175ProXS

  8. Kyle Corey
    7 years ago

    I have a 1997 167 egret carbon kevlar. The boat does everything I could ever think of and more. It runs shallow and fast.

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