The Egret Way

The Egret Boat Company is dedicated to building simply the best flats boats available. Our design, engineering, construction methods, and materials are unsurpassed in today’s boat building industry, and our boats have an ease of operation and ride that just cannot be matched with anything else. We build, without compromise, the finest skiff on the market today…that’s The Egret Way.

Everywhere you look on an Egret you’ll find little touches that surprise and impress. Doors open softly and silently on small hydraulics, and their latches close with a satisfying and understated click. Egret boats just feel right…the fit and finish is superb, and help give the boats that “extra 10%” that makes them truly premium watercraft.

But it’s more than just looks. The boats have design elements only someone who works with boats can appreciate: every wire in the electrical system is not only color-coded, but has the purpose of the wire printed directly on the sheath every six inches. On other boats, the battery compartment is hidden away, but in many Egrets it’s placed underneath a seating storage space and covered with a plexiglass cover. This makes checking the terminals for corrosion an effortless, almost unconscious action.

Thanks to the design, materials, and construction of the boats, each one is as light and stable as possible. In other boats, you take a 45 minute trip out in the morning, then—as the waves get rougher with the day—you take a two and a half hour trip home, fighting the waves the whole way, and getting beat up and soaked for the trouble. If you’re lucky, you’ll only need to recover for a couple days. With an Egret it isn’t like that, though. The ride means you just don’t have to rest up afterwards at all. The next morning, when other fishermen are reaching for the Advil bottle, you’re reaching for your rod and reel.