Strategic Partners & Suppliers

DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber and filament come in a variety of types, each with a different set of properties and performance characteristics. The nature of the end-use application usually determines what type of Kevlar® will be used.

Vectorply is a world leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of composite reinforcement fabrics.

Interplastic Corporation
Interplastic Corporation has been an industry leader in thermoset resin, gel coat and colorant research, design and development since 1959.

Composites One
Composites One is the leading distributor of composites materials, with products including fibers, resins, and a wide range of chemicals and accessories used in manufacturing.

DIAB has been at the leading edge of composite core material development for over fifty years. I has pioneered the use of the sandwich concept to make structures that are significantly lighter and stronger.

Corecell™ is the leading structural foam core material, which has become widely accepted for the construction of large, high performance structures.

Instigator, Inc.
Instigator is an integrated marketing, branding and technology firm that caters to the marine, tourism, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Instigator is currently the agency of record for Egret Boats. For more information on Instigator, please visit their website.

AOS Studios
AOS Studios is a small, dedicated multimedia company in Jacksonville, Florida offering a broad range of professional services to businesses and individuals. AOS Studios provided footage for the 189 video as well as some footage for the 167 video and walkthrough presented by Bob Morris, one of our Egret owners and a partner with Great American Outfitters (see their link below).

Slayer Inc.™ Lure Co.
Slayer Inc.™ Lure Co. is the premier manufacturer of high end fishing tackle for the inshore saltwater angler. Our “XXX Rated” – Xtra sharp, Xtra strong, and Xtra durable – lures are what separate Slayer, Inc.™ from others on the shelf. Combining feedback from top professional anglers with extensive testing and development, you can be sure what’s tied on your line will give you the tools to be a fish slayer. For more information on Slayer products, please visit their website.

Great Atlantic Outfitters Great Atlantic Outfitters is one of North Florida’s most reliable sources for your promotional needs. All screenprinted and embroidery orders are fulfilled in–house, allows Great Atlantic Outfitters to provide competitive pricing, improved quality, better flexibility, enhanced service, and most importantly, the ability to meet your deadlines. For more information, please visit their website.